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Amazon parrot is one of the most kept species of parrot. Many people especially Amazon parrot enthusiast will regard Amazon parrots as one of the most brilliant parrot species. In term of talking abilities, Amazon parrot species is know to be rank at top three of talking parrot species. Other than Amazon parrot, other species, which is well known for their talking abilities, is African grey parrot and Electus parrots.

All Amazon parrot primarily green in colour. They have bright eye and short tail, which most of the Amazons will have about 4 inches long tail. (This makes them look very small compared to macaw species, which have very long tails). Many of Amazons will like to display their tails by fanning them out, which will create a very bright and beautiful sight. Amazons parrot also have the ability to raise their nape feathers, which will achieved a fierce display.

Amazon parrot will have lots of species. Probably Amazon parrots is one of the parrot families, which have lots of species/ category in their family. Since all Amazon parrot is green in colour, most of the time, they are differentiate by primarily by their markings of the head and their face. Many, in fact, derive their scientific name from their colour and morphology. Only very small of them is differentiate by their size.

Based on Dr. A.E Decoteau, in general Amazons parrot can be divided into five major groups
* Sixteen species have blue wing coverts
* Thirteen species have edges of wings and wing covert marked with red.
* Fourteen species have red on the head
* Twelve species have yellow on the head
However, some species will overlap in more than one category above.

Based on the 'handbook of Amazon parrot' by Dr. A.E Decoteau, Amazons parrot have been known since before the time of Linnaeus.

Based on his book, the first Amazon parrot known to the European world was the Cuban Amazon, which is discovered in the Island of Cuba by a men name Aldrovandi and later name by Linnaeus.

Aldrovandi mention that the parrot is very talkative and love to imitate dog and cats. The parrot also very destructive to the fruits trees. This has made the local treat this species as pest has killed them in large number.

As I mention earlier, Amazons parrot is well known for there talking abilities. Generally Amazon parrot will not hesitate to talk to stranger and not really shy or 'one man parrot' (in term of talking) compared to African Grey Parrot. Some of Amazon will even screech, talk, mimic and Whistle while spreading their tail and wings and contracting the pupils of their eyes.

Talking about talking abilities of the Amazons, generally bigger size of Amazons will have better talking abilities while the small species is poor talker.

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